Who We Are

Our Founders

South Florida based VERB World, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2016 by Jeremie SaintVil and Krista Peterson.

VERBs founders have over 35 years of combined professional experience launching new markets and innovative organizations. VERB is devoted to bridging the gap between the general public and wall street that has existed for far too long.

Why we VERB

We created the VERB app to gamify the US Stock Market. Our mission is to education and create successful traders. We eliminate the fear of trading by allowing you to Play and Learn with No Risk but High Reward. By creating an app for our Users by our Users, we are empowering everyone with the opportunity to attain financial freedom.

Additionally, we put our money where our mouth is by giving real money back to our Users.

This is not another version of a trading application, the VERB app is revolutionary and will empower their Users to change the financial industry as a whole.
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Krista Peterson

aka "The Executor"


Jeremie SaintVil

aka "The Visionary"