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VERB is a community of users that learn through 3 Tiers of Playing and Learning within the application. At Tier 4 Status users become Creators. As a Creator you join the VERB community to create trading techniques, known as VERBs. You can share publicly or keep your VERBs private and deploy them either in the Live Stock Market or in the Sandbox Environment to verify the effectiveness of your creation.

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The VERB app is free to download and play. Once you reach Tier 4 and gain Creator status you have the option to subscribe to other Creators/Users VERBs to deploy their strategies. However, subscriptions are not mandatory to deploy your own created VERBs. 

VERBs are trading techniques created by our users that can be deployed with just a tap of the screen into the virtual VERB World or the LIVE stock market via seamless api integration. These VERBs are verified once created, as they are tested, rated, tracked and reviewed by the VERB community. 

All Creators in the VERB community can view any VERBs you mark as public. Only VERB monthly subscribers can deploy other Users VERBs.

Earn a Lifetime Subscription to the VERB Community and Early Access to our App when you sign up for the waitlist and refer 50 friends or purchase your Lifetime Subscription HERE Pre-Launch

There are 3 Tiers of Playing and Learning within the application. You will learn and rise to the top of the leaderboard by your effectiveness and accuracy of calls. We will deliver education to you via infographics, animations, quizzes and games.

At Tier 4 Status users become Creators. As a Creator you join the VERB community to create trading techniques, known as VERBs. You can share publicly or keep your VERBs private and deploy them either in the Live Stock Market or in the Sandbox Environment to verify the effectiveness of your creation.

A Creator is a VERB user who completed 3 tiers of learning. As a Creator you can now Create, Publish and Deploy VERBS… you can also EARN money by doing so! 

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Yes! VERB allows users to trade both stocks and mutual funds via the live market.

VERB generates revenue through multiple channels: Our partnerships, optional subscription services and optional in-app purchases.

While VERB will be on both iOS and Android platforms, our launch release in October will be iOS only with android to be released shortly after, by the end of 2016!

We anticipate the average call accuracy %’s to be even higher than what we currently have them set at and this is why….

VERB was created to help our users leverage their intangible qualities, as when making decision based on our intuition or a “sense” our failure rates decrease. People don’t trade this way, because they are scared and are using their live money, it’s just too risky. Remember, VERB eliminates the fear of trading in the US Stock Market by allowing users to play and learn in a virtual environment prior to exercising their skill Live.  

VERB is creating successful and educated traders, we deliver them only whats necessary to trade, but also teach them how to leverage their intangible qualities through practice. 

“Perfect Practice makes Perfect” ~Jeremie SaintVil 


Call accuracy is calculated in the game by the users calls for sells and covers. 

i.e. as a user I can go in and set an alert for TSLA for $210 and instruct the app to buy 100 shares at my price point. Following the buy, the user will then receive a notification that their stock was purchased and be prompted to make a call on the sell. 

You don’t realize a value until you sell or cover your position in the market, so users will have their call accuracy be calculated by # of accurate sells/covers by the total # of sells and covers. 

While you can:

  • Create your own VERBs and deploy them in the live market to earn real Money. 
  • Publish your own VERBs to the Community.

There are limitations to Non-Subscribers, such as: 

  • You have limited view only to the Communities VERBs: Ratings, Written Reviews, Deployment Count and Stats.

  • You can not deploy other users community published VERBs as a Non-Subscriber, nor can you review or rate VERBs

We are not claiming to be a brokerage firm or trying to recreate the financial trading industries backend platform. We are delivering data and building communities for front end usage in a way that our users desire to get information. We provide a risk free environment for you to try out strategies, to have fun, to work together as a community prior to deploying any Live techniques or VERBs within the market! 

VERB also gives back to it’s users! You can earn money for creating and sharing VERBs, you can earn money just for being good at the game and you can earn money by deploying your own strategies in the live market. 

VERB does not hold your personal assets, all cash will be managed through your linked transaction broker.

With VERB you can play live stock market games with virtual money and earn real cash. After 3 tiers of challenges, games and virtual trading, you will become a Creator in the VERB Community. 

You can then create and publish trading strategies, known as VERBs, into our VERB Community. Earn real money by deploying VERBs into the LIVE Stock Market or simply by being the best at creating VERBs which other users deploy. How will you rank on the leaderboard?

  • Earn 1K real cash from VERB by learning your way to contributor status and ranking in the top % of the leaderboard. New VERB Contributors will be rewarded each month for their achievements. We put our money where our mouth is and give back to the community. 
  • Earn unlimited cash for Creating VERBs once you reach the Contributor Level. Get paid for the successful trading techniques you create, as they are deployed by other users in the Live Stock Market. 
  • Earn unlimited cash by deploying other user’s VERBs into the Live Stock Market, that have already been tried and tested. 

Together we will create educated and successful traders who will be part of the Financial Revolution!

All communication between the VERB application and our servers is secured using the best practices in the industry. We use encrypted end-to-end (SSL/TLS).   In addition, sensitive information stored on your devices will be secured with the iOS Keychain, Passcode and/or behind TouchID verification for the phones that support it.

Coming in the future! We are working on a REST based VERB API that developers and many forms of business can use to integrate on different data streams.

Track the number of referrals you currently have by either clicking the link in your sign up confirmation email or by entering the email you used to sign up into the join us section of the website. 

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