The VERB app awards performing users with $1,000 in real cash and empowers them to learn how to trade in a virtual market with fun interactive games while challenging their friends.

Nasdaq Global Newswire

VERB proudly opened the waitlist to the public! Sign up now and also be entered to win a VIP trip to The Big Game MMXVII!

VERB is revolutionizing how people invest by allowing its users to have fun learning how to trade and earning real cash in the process. Users play 4 levels of interactive games that involve trading in VERB’s virtual stock market while challenging their friends. In each level, users will be awarded with $250 in real cash that is locked. Upon completing all 4 levels users will be eligible to receive a total of $1,000 in unlocked cash and will become a VERB Creator. Every month, VERB will unlock this cash for its top performing Creators.

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