Warren Buffet once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful”.

Big Banks will soon get a wake up call when more Millennials join the Stock Market and perform better than their predecessors and their traditional expensive stock brokers. Millennials are getting smarter independently with their investing decisions.

“When the Dow plunged more than 600 points […], Millennials who trade on Fidelity’s retail brokerage platform made 270% more stock purchase than sales, according to stats shared exclusively with CNNMoney.”

Millennial trading strategies were a smart move as the U.S. stock market recovered most of its #Brexit losses within weeks. In fact, just last week the S&P 500 closed above 2137, surpassing the previous all-time record set back in May 2015. While this is a great step forward, we all know there is still significant improvement needed for Millennials in the stock market.

“Ninety-three percent of Millennials polled last year by Capital One ShareBuilder said distrust of markets and lack of investing knowledge made them less confident about investing..”

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